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Yin Yoga Immersion / Teacher Training


Traditional Chinese Medicine & 5 ELEMENTS

5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal) course is open to EVERYONE who has an interest in Yin Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Daoist philosophy (Yin/Yang) and anyone who is new or experienced in Yin yoga and yoga teachers. Yin Yoga deeply respects the individual, their bodies and physical conditions, and is suitable for people of all ages.

In this Yin Yoga Immersion/Teacher Training, you will integrate the foundations of Yin Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Chinese Meridian Theory, and the 5 Elements Theory to learn how to safely and effectively practice and/or teach Yin Yoga. The program will emphasize the healing and meditative aspects of Yin Yoga, as well as the practice of equanimity and loving kindness. You will learn to use your authentic voice as an emerging Yin Yoga teacher and guide safe sequences in the sacred art of healing.

Topics covered:

History and principles of Yin Yoga 

Daoism, the Yin & Yang philosophy

Five Elements theory and the implications

Introduction to Meridians & Acupressure points

Yin yoga anatomy and philosophy

Teaching methodology, sequencing, asanas (optional module for teachers)        

50 HR YOGA ALLIANCE CEUs (Teachers must be 200RYT)

Meeting Schedule:

Weekend 1 (Immersion Week for non-teachers and teachers):   August 30 - September 1

Weekend 2 (Teacher Training module for all teachers):   September 6 - September 8

Fridays: 4:00 - 9pm       Saturdays: 12:00 - 6pm        Sundays: 8am - 3pm

Immersion Option (week 1)  –  for Yin Yoga Practitioners who want to deepen their knowledge in this ancient science. We will focus on the key principles of each of the 5 elements. You will also learn how to apply Yin yoga to balance 5 elements for a harmonious lifestyle. 

Investment: $150 Early Bird by Aug 1st, $188 Full Price.

No previous Yin yoga practice required. This is open to EVERYONE.

Teacher Training Option (week 1+2)  – In addition, the extra week includes teaching methodology, asana clinic, and teaching practicum for those who would like to become Yin Yoga teachers. 

Investment: $550 Early Bird by Sep 1st, $588 Full Price.    RYT200 is required for this module.


Contact for any inquiry or question: 757-617-0500

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations before July 30: Full refund minus $75 administrative fee; after August 1: No refund

Later Event: September 17
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