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Live Sound Bath Yin Yoga

Live Sound Bath Yin Yoga

Renew your Energy for Spring

Spring is just a deep breath away. Prepare for the transition of the seasons by reigniting that inner fire, awakening the body as the earth rises from wintry sleep.

 Join Lian Mosher, the sound healer, and Muning Hu, the Yin yoga teacher, in this two hours sonic Yin yoga practice with live Sound bath. We will use crystal singing bowls, gong, bells, rattles, and voice to lead you through your energy awakening and meditation over sound vibration. Yin yoga practice will help practitioners work deeply into the connective tissues, free Chi (Prana or life force) flow from any blockages along the energy channels, and release any stagnation accumulated from the winter season. Treat yourself with this holistic practice to re-tuning your body to its original and pure state. 

 Sound healing and Yin yoga practice is for all levels and is family friendly.

Date: Sat April 13th

Time: 2 – 4 pm

Cost: $25
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