Considering becoming a yoga teacher?


Here's what you should be asking yourself when looking for training: 

·   Does the training offer in depth study of asana, pranayama, and meditation, as well as, an introduction to yoga philosophy?


·   Does the training provide the necessary tools to teach to a variety  of populations?

·  Will the training offer the exploration of different yoga modalities, such as, restorative, yin, prenatal, and chair yoga?

·  Are the instructors highly qualified and have years of teaching  experience?

·  Will I have mentors work with me throughout the program and 
will I be a part of a learning community once training is completed?

·  Will the anatomy training cover how to apply anatomy and physiology knowledge to teach the poses and sequence
classes in a safe and  effective way?

· Will I feel qualified to teach a well rounded class upon graduation?

·   Will I gain the necessary tools to theme and sequence a class?

·   Will I be able to teach at other studios with what I’ve learned?

·   Will I learn to take my yoga off the mat and into my life?

·   Will I have an opportunity to teach a live class in a studio setting? (After graduation, Yoga Nook graduates will have an opportunity to take turns teaching our Karma yoga classes).