Haruko Corso

Haruko bio pic2.jpg

Haruko was first introduced to yoga at a local gym in Virginia Beach in 2009. She enjoyed working towards
flexibility and openness of her body through asana practice. Soon she realized that the sense of flexibility and
openness on the mat can be carried out off the mat into all other aspects of life. Since then, yoga has been a
big part of her life. Haruko has been practicing vinyasa, yin, and restorative yoga regularly to stay balanced
physically and mentally. She continues to practice meditation to help her monkey mind quiet down. Not every
practice feels the same way to her. Every time she steps on the mat and takes a journey inward, she discovers
something new and different about herself. Haruko truly appreciates the guidance she receives from the inner
self, dedicated teachers, and ancient wisdom. Her mission is to share the benefits of yoga with others and be a
part of the caring and supportive community. She would like students to feel the harmony between the body
and mind through mindful breaths and movements in class.