Lori McCracken Zeswitz


RYT 200, Y12SR

Following physical therapy for a back injury, Lori ventured into a gentle yoga asana class in 2007 as a non-pharmaceutical way to navigate pain and redevelop her body’s capacity. Matwork led to breathwork and meditation and an expanding inquiry into the mind-body connection.  

Lori completed her 200-hour RYT hatha yoga training with Anna Pittman, Y12SR -- the Yoga of 12-Step Recovery -- certification with Nikki Myers, and Warriors At Ease yoga and meditation training with Robin Carnes. Lori serves as the Leader Advocate for Y12SR, connecting more than 1000 certified leaders around the world. Key influencers in her practice are Nikki Myers, Robin Carnes, Rolf Gates, Tommy Rosen, Lisa Vaughan-Meer and Alejandra Botero. 

Informed by a 24-year career in non-profit management and living a day at a time in progressive recovery from addiction, Lori endeavors to practice her belief that “you can’t keep what you have unless you give it away.” Lori leads Y12SR practices and teaches accessible yoga classes throughout Hampton Roads, Virginia.  

Lori holds a B.A. in public relations and enjoyed an eventful career as a professional fundraiser for non-profit educational and performing arts organizations. She and her husband Steve own Zed Therapeutic, a pain-management and muscle-recovery practice located at the Yoga Nook. Lori and Steve have seven adult children scattered throughout the globe and five four-legged animals demanding daily attention.